How to organize the hiking tour

All you need to know to organize

Which is the best period to walk the viaSpluga?
It is possible to walk the viaSpluga from 10th June to 22nd Oktober 2023.
In this period the bus between Chiavenna and Thusis operates daily.
Bus tickets are availale at Infopoint Chiavenna (inside train station) or directly on the bus.
Click here to download bus timetables

Before this period it is not possible to garantee the manteinance of the path and some services such as luggage transportation/museums..

When can you start the tour?
It is possible to start whenever you like, every day during the week. We first have to check for hotel's availability.
viaSpluga is a self guided tour.

The viaSpluga is a classic hiking path amid the mountains and some stretches require a level of experience and physical condition for anyone undertaking it.
Appropriate clothing and equipment for the prevailing conditions are obviously recommended.
The Tourist Office cannot accept any liability.
Each person on the route must accept responsability for himself.
Excursions are not guided.

All the packages can be personalized on request (more or less overnights).
Half board treatment (dinner) is on request, an extra to pay.

Consorzio per la promozione turistica della Valchiavenna
Telephone: +39 0343 37485


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