The Roffla Gorge

Path and Waterfalls (1457 m)

At the beginning of the 20th Century, Christian Pitschen-Melchior, who had previously emigrated to America, returned to his native country and took over his parent´s refuge situated near to the Roffla gorge. Inspired by an earlier trip to the Niagara Falls, he became determined to turn the Roffla falls into a genuine tourist attraction and to make his living in this way.
In 1907 he began to create a path that led into the gorge itself. The project took fully seven years. It involved considerable strength and endurance to create holes within the hard rock in which to place the explosives. It took all of 8000 detonations to achieve his objective: by way of a narrow passage through the rock it became possible to actually reach the waterfall at the heart of the gorge. And very little has changed since, a ´stroll´ under the Reno with its ever-gurgling waters remains a unique experience.
A particular attraction of the area is the path leading from the Rofflaschlucht hotel to the Roffla waterfalls. From here a visitor can even see the Hinterrhein.

Betweeen Rofflaschlucht and nearby Sufers is the location of the museum of the Crestawald fortress. For more than 60 years now this masterpiece of the artillery remained a secret military base, however today it´s open to the public.
After Crestawald the Via Spluga moves on to Sufers, the oldest town of the Rheinwald and which following the construction of the dam during the 60´s boasted a lake.

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