Via Traversina

For the more experienced

The Traversina route heads off from Thusis to the Via Mala gorge by way of Sils im Domleschg and past the Hohen Rätien fortress.
The latter is a partly restored Medieval mountain settlement, perched high on a headland and includes a church, a defensive tower, a vital central tower and other outbuildings.
The ancient mule-track winds above the Hinterrhein and is of a continuous up-and-down nature moving on to the Eastern limit of the canyon.
The crossing of the Traversina bridge, a wooden suspended footbridge, and fully 60 metres in length is a genuinely exhilarating experience. Of the two possible routes the Traversina is the longer and more demanding, involving tackling some more serious gradients.
The route is recommended only in favourable weather conditions. It demands both care and walking boots.

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